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Why You Should Marry a Filipina

Filipina women set themselves apart from other women found all throughout Asia with their natural beauty, love for adventure, desire to learn, travel, and make loyal companions as a wife and mother to a worthy husband.

Traveling and Learning


As big as the Philippines are, women from all across the country seem to by-birth be naturally drawn to a sense of wanderlust—seeing the world, and meeting new people.

Thanks to this awesome personality trait, along with their willingness to learn, and desire to meet new people—all combined make the perfect all-around woman who is willing to learn and even conform to a different culture for the sake of moving and being with her new, western or foreign husband.

Filipinas seem to have a natural knack for not only learning new languages (especially English, as it’s recognizably an international business language), but also furthering their education and understanding in the fields of medicine, science, and even mathematics! That’s right, not all Filipinas are after your wallet, and can compute far more complex mathematical equations than how much you’ve spent or are willing to spend on dinner or an upcoming vacation.

The Beauty of the Philippines


Given its great size, and outgoing to bubbly personality women, the Philippines is a great place to meet an amazing woman that will take you on trips and adventures to places like Subic Beach filled with white sand and palm trees, to the natural hot springs at the “local” Volcano, Mt Arayat.

The Philippines has many great natural tourist attractions, as well as natural environments which make great for scuba-diving, whale-watching, and tons of other natural, affordable, yet incredibly noteworthy and life-changing experiences in which you can bond with your new Filipina girlfriend or soon to be wife!

Attractive and Loving


Filipinas are naturally very compassionate, loving, and affection women that have great sex appeal, carry themselves well, take pride in their appearance, and are not afraid to show it off—especially at the beaches or on unusually hot days!

Many western and foreigner men love dating and marrying Filipina women because they commonly have a cute, petite look to them, yet reinforce it with a very outgoing and passionate attitude—that should not be underestimated!

By nature, Filipinas are brought up in a very family-focused environment, catering to the needs and contributing to the rearing of their younger siblings. Thanks to this, in combination with them being brought up around their moms, they quickly learn how to be great cooks, develop a habit of cleaning, and take pride in their home—all very desirable attributes for any woman that you’re considering to make your future wife or mother to your future (or current) children and family.

Great Genetics and Ratio


Between the inarguably gorgeous genetics Filipinas have, even into their older years, reinforced with the reality that the ratio of women to men here is greatly in your favor, it’s no wonder why so many western men and foreigners flock to the Philippines in search or consideration of courting and finding their future wife.

Incredibly enough, many Filipinas that are well into their 30’s and even mid 40’s still manage to have killer bodies that could easily be equated to—and in some instances even better—than a young to mid-20 year old.

This is very sexy and appealing, reflects how seriously Filipinas are to dedicating their diets to natural foods only, growing their own food, and developing healthy habits and being aware of harmful foods, chemicals, and other agents commonly found in many western (fast) food establishments and even restaurants.

To top it off, many Filipinas are commonly observed to rely on ‘holistic’ approaches when it comes to medicine—often natural remedies and techniques passed on by their mother, grandmother, and great great grandmother.

Even weighing heavier in your favor, is the reality that many Filipinas develop and mature young, end school early to work, and in turn wind up considering and even having children as young as 20. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as it’s easier to find a more mature woman, with an extremely sexy body, a more mature mind than many western women, and a willingness to serve and please her husband and future family with you.

Loyalty and Dedication


A Filipina girlfriend, let alone wife, will always happily stand by your side, and take great pride in her relationship with you—especially if you’re a westerner or foreigner. No, this doesn’t mean it’s only about the money.

In fact, given their options now, they gladly (and sometimes aggressively) seek out foreigner or western men because they are much more romantic, openly-affectionate, loving, and less likely to cheat on them in comparison to the competition—a common trouble with many Filipino men or “playboys”.

Filipina women are desirable as wives because they not only aim to please and take care of their husband, but will happily be there for you and support you when you’re overworked, feeling down, or even sick. They will never abandon you, and will keep you like a wife—in a perfect world—really should.

Given the combination of Latin origin and Filipino culture which has evolved over the past hundreds of years, dating a Filipina and marrying one is ideally in your best interest and easily outweighs the benefits of marrying a woman from any of the neighboring and most western or otherwise modernized countries for many obvious reasons!

Travel kindly, be happy.

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