Sexy Filipina Crawling On A Red Carpet

Filipina Hearts Dating Site

Sexy Filipina Crawling On A Red Carpet

“Filipina Hearts” is the name of one of the many Asian-oriented dating websites that caters to singles of  Phillipino origin.  Mail-order Filipina brides is its main claim to fame, despite its widespread popularity in the Philippines singles scene.

Most female Filipina site members reside in the Philippines.  A lot of Filipina Hearts members live in other nations.  Canada, the UK, Hong Kong, and the U.S. are major examples.

Male Filipina Hearts members hail from many nations like France, the U.S., Canada, the UK, Germany, and Australia.

Filipina Hearts Features

Below is a list of just some of the things that set Filipina Hearts apart from the pack of other Filipina dating platforms that proliferate throughout Cyberspace:

  • Membership is absolutely free.  Even though newcomers of neither gender are not charged a sign-up fee, men typically get a greater response by becoming subscribers.
  • An enormous membership base.  With a roster of more than 1,500,000 active members makes matchmaking an easy and fun-filled task on this site!
  • An integrated matchmaking nodule.     This site feature allows members to view site-suggested prospective partners with ease and total privacy.
  • Sign-up is streamlined and expeditious.  Unlike most other online dating sites such as PureFilipina, newcomers may move along to looking at the ladies after completing just two short screens.
  • Search sophistry. Members may search each other out based on geographical location.  This eliminates multiple flights to find likely ladies.  Instead, guys may  make a single trip to meet multiple women in one locale.
  • Memory functions.  Filipina Hearts has several great features that allow members to create and save a “Favorites” list.
  • Cost efficiency.  Just one membership fee covers all services.  Unlike most competitors such as iDateAsian and Asian Beauties, the site imposes no translation fees.


Hot Filipina Girl Wearing Red BikiniAn undesirable aspect of Cupid dating websites that I find especially distasteful is that they tend to be scammer havens.  I typically pay no attention to ladies who do not live in the city(ies) I plan to visit.

Also, I usually rule out anyone who is less than 25 years old.  These precautions seem to screen out most scam artists.  Another frequent precaution I take is chat blocking to force interested women to contact me via e-mail.  This lets me identify ladies who interest me without the distraction of idle chatters.

I must admit, however, that my primary interest in Chinese women is a major advantage.  Fortunately, very few Chinese con artists frequent online dating sites in comparison to Filipina and Thai shysters.  Filipina scam artists are especially prevalent.  Thus, a man from Canada or the U.S. should anticipate attracting lots of undesirable attention on Filipina Hearts.

Here’s a caveat for Filipina females in search of husbands on Filipina Hearts:  A growing number of male Cupid site members are con artists!  I personally know of at least two Asian ladies who were contacted by such shysters via such sites.

In one instance, the woman was wise enough to realize the man was a no-no from the get-go.  Her ability to immediately discern the fact that his phone number included a country code from African alerted her that he had lied about being a U.S. resident!

The other female was more unfortunate.  She arranged to meet the man in person and paid a lot of money for airfare to a distant location.  It wound up being a total waste.  Not to mention a major disappointment and emotional letdown.  Therefore, for those ladies concerned about avoiding male con artists on Filipina Hearts, below are some tips to spot the fakes on first sight.

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