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5 Best Places in the Philippines to Find a Wife

Finding a prospective Filipina wife can be an enjoyable experience, lots of fun, and workout nearly “perfectly” in most instances if done the correct way.

For starters, dating sites and meeting women online in general, but especially Filipinas can be a common mistake. While there are undoubtedly good people everywhere, in this case women, dating sites seem to tend to attract women looking for a “get rich quick” type of husband, are scheming, scamming, or “floating” while collecting different “sponsors” or “lovers” overseas that occasionally come to visit them or a family they make with them.

Don’t be discouraged, finding a good lover anywhere in the world is hard work, and just like anything in life comes with its pros and cons. Check out some of the following places if you’d like to up your chances of finding an honest, hard-working, and likely educated as well as bilingual Filipina girl of your dreams.

1. (Bonifacio) Global City

Bonifacio Global City C3 Block

If you’re not against a metropolitan like environment, this is a very modern place to meet new cool people and increase your chances of finding a sophisticated, intelligent, and likely educated Filipina wife. While the women here are undoubtedly more “modernized” than Filipinas in other locations throughout the country – which by the way is incredibly huge – it’s best you avoid going out into the middle of nowhere or up in the mountains to find your future Filipina wife.

Also, if you’re looking to do shopping and pick out some new clothes and other gear then these two first recommendations are primal places to do that, other than metro Manila.

Why you ask? Well, for starters, it can be dangerous. Not just because of theft, but also because of scams, and the prevalence of underage or barely legal Filipinas “courting” or specifically targeting foreigner men as a sort of “golden goose egg” for them and their families economic duress. It’s also better you meet Filipinos first, understand or get familiar with the local or most popular language (often Tagalog), and take things from there.

Creating a sort of “headquarters” so to speak, and Global City is a perfect place to do this. For those interested, Global City is within Taguig City, Metro Manila, Philippines

2. Makati

Night view of the City of Makati

Although another metropolitan environment, we’ve saved the beach-type environments and resort areas for the end. Makati, much like Global City is also found within the boundaries of Metro Manila.

This is a great place to check out local cafes, the night-scene, and the bustling other events, and language schools so that you can meet new cool people, women, and your prospective Filipina wife. Although these two places might have higher crime rates overall in comparison to the other recommended places to meet a nice Filipina women, it should be appreciated that per the increased population this is just a reality of the environment – as it would be in any other major city in the world.

While it might have some dangers it’s also much safer and foreigner friendly in comparison to farther out places, islands, or beaches for the inexperienced Philippines traveler.

Both of these first mentioned places in the Philippines in many cases have been reported by like-minded travelers to have a lot of “old fashioned” women with desirable relationship values that aren’t found in many other parts of the Philippines.

3. Cebu

crystal clear blue waters of Kawasan Falls

From it’s crystal, clear blue waters to wake-boarding, Cebu is full of adventure and just as you might have guessed is an island. Cebu has unlimited beaches and an everlasting supply of beautiful white sand and beautiful Filipina women, of all ages, up and down it’s beaches and throughout town.

While this might seem like a paradise for beach-trips and partying, it also has plenty of nice, trustworthy, and sweet Filipina women as well. As with any places in the world, but especially in the Philippines, if you’re truly seeking a wife you might want to play the odds in your favor a bit more by not visiting the bars in search of such.

While this is not to say that you can’t visit the bars and have a little fun, and although not impossible, often picking up and trying to court a girl out of one of these places comes with lots of drama, frequent lies in a lot of cases, and an otherwise unpleasant experience.

After all, with so many various islands, cities, and places to visit throughout the Philippines in both Northern and Southern (careful how South) Luzon, the possibilities are endless for finding the Filipina woman of your DREAMS!

4. Tarlac

serene river in Tarlac City

Although a more mountainous region, Tarlac has plenty to see, forests to explore, and beaches to enjoy. Also, plenty of foreigner men argue that some of the most incredibly beautiful, smart-witted women come from Tarlac, Philippines.

While one place might be better than the next for some people, this is definitely an awesome place to check-out. Although, it might not be desirable for an unconditioned traveler or someone making their first impression in the beautiful Philippines.

There are however plenty of resorts in Tarlac, and a good share of foreigners, so making new friends and getting tips on the best places to visit and check out for the most practical Filipina women is definitely always an option.

Make no mistake, although a beach or island by no means is there not a bustling nightlife in these places, so explore around, make good, trustworthy friends and take it from there!

5. lloilo City

Iloilo City in Panay Island

Last but not least, llolio city is located on Panay Island in the Philippines, and is considered a first-class, highly modernized and urbanized city combining the city-life and island life into one awesome package!

This is definitely a really great spot for meeting new people, in particular Filipina women, from all walks of life and different personalities. As always, Filipinas and Filipinos in general are very welcoming people, so don’t be surprised if your Filipina bride-to-be wants to show you off to her friends and family. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing, just be mindful of the chemistry you have with your future Filipina wife as you would in any relationship, have fun, and be happy.

If all else fails, remember, just like the real world, start in one place like a major city, and slowly work your way around at a comfortable pace, making new friends, and in turn get recommended to a nice, trustworthy, and beautiful Filipina along the way.

Happy Travels!

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