Top 10 Hottest Filipina Women

voluptuous Francine Prieto on a couch

1) Francine Prieto

Both educated and sexy, Prieto is a very talented radio DJ, Filipino actress, fashion model, and singer. With her many talents she woos her audiences, and is very popular for her sexy, curvaceous looks. She is definitely one of the most exotic, sexiest Filipinas as she is of both Chinese-Filipino and Norwegian descent.

Originally from Las Pinas, Philippines, Prieto is definitely a show stopper and mouth dropper. She has starred in and continues to have major roles in Filipino television shows from Yan Ang Morning! to Dolce Amore, It’s Showtime, and Karelasyon.

elegant Anna Theresa Licaros

2) Anna Theresa Licaros

Licaros, most commonly known as “Anna” has stormed the beauty pageant world and stage by winning and holding the Binibing Pilipinas Universe 2007 competition title. Licaros is extremely intelligent, attending and graduating undergraduate school with a B.A. in Broadcast Communication from the University of the Philippines.

Licaros also attended and made salutatorian at the University of the Philippines College of Law, taking the Philippine Bar Exams and passing on her first try back in 2010. Licaros is very popular across Filipino television networks, often starring as host, and even News Anchor for both TV5 and AksyonTV.

Renee Rosario McHugh homecoming photo

3) Renee Rosario McHugh

Renee is a very well-known fashion model and beauty queen in the Philippines, winning both the Miss Philippines Earth beauty pageant and the Miss Philippines Air back in 2010. Renee is very active and personable, often representing and doing work with various environmental and social charity organizations in efforts to better her country. She is very gorgeous, and is believed to be mixed with a European or American decent.

cute and sweet Monika Sta.Maria

4) Monika Sta. Maria

Monika is a very beautiful Filipina model that’s been gracing the Philippines with her beauty in various fitness publications, hottest fashion magazines, and beauty magazines. Monika has a strikingly sexy, sophisticated, and very-fit resemblance to famous American actress Jessica Alba.

Monika is very big on both haircare and skin products, often advertising both and sharing her favorite products and hairstyles on her popular IG account. Monkia Sta Maria has starred on and won great popularity following her appearance on Asia’s Next Top Model, and has also been a first-runner up in the popular television series. This hotty’s not afraid to show a little skin either ;).

sexy and innocent Roxee B.

5) Roxee “B” (Barcelo)

An incredibly sexy Filipina, Roxee has an extraordinary body, the looks, and the personality to make her one of the hottest Filipina stars today. While born and raised in Virginia, USA, she is no less a Filipina star with many talents. Roxee sings, acting, and is (understandably) a very popular model as well.

Roxee has also starred in ABS-CBN’s Pinoy Big Brother: Celebrity Edition. She has also starred in Big Brothers House, and ABC’s Hollywood Dream. Roxee is a very talented, sensual Filipino-American actress that stars in both Filipino and American movies – and television shows!

the-gorgeous sexy body of Marian Rivera

6) Marian Rivera

Marian Rivera, originally from Madrid Spain, is a well-known and quite popular Spanish Filipina actress and commercial model. She has starred in popular television shows such as Amaya, Temptation of Wife, and Dyesebel. Filipinos and Americans go crazy for Marian, and with good reason!

She’s got a super cute smile, sexy body, and has even been called FHM’s Sexiest Woman back in 2008, and again more recently in 2013. She continues to compete in FHM contests, and has more than 17 million likes from loyal fans on Facebook.

one hot mama Amanda Griffin

7) Amanda Griffin

Amanda Griffin, originally from Windsor, United Kingdom is an English model and popular Philippines television actress. Amanda has grown up in a variety of diverse cultures ranging from the United States to Australia, her hometown in Britain, and of course the Philippines where she currently stays.

Amanda is both super sexy and super smart, earning two degrees at a university in Australia, majoring in Communications and Business. Starting at an early age of 14, she has been a popular Filipino model, today starring in many popular bikini shoots and magazines, such as Tabu Swimwear – which she happened to be the proprietor of – definitely using that Business degree, sexy looks, and smarts!

Nikita McElroy fashionista

8) Nikita McElroy

Nikita is a sexy, stylish mixture of Filipina, and a cross between Rhianna and Beyonce. She has very natural, curly and fluffy dark native-Filipina hair and a super sweet personality both on and off modeling sets.

She now resides in California, continuing both her studies and modeling career. She definitely has a fancy look to her, and leaves much for the imagination of her sex appeal and charismatic personality.

the simple beauty of Karel Marquez

9) Karla Marquez-Santos

Karla, also known as Karel Marquez is a popular Filipino model, singer, TV host, and actress that’s very active on the GMA network. A Star Magic Batch 10 alumni, Karel is a super sweet and sexy bikini model with all the right moves.

She has been on multiple TV networks like ABS CBN, and now filling the majority of her TV appearance on the GMA Network, starring in popular Filipino shows such as the afternoon TV drama Pati Ba Pintig Ng Puso? She is a much loved singer, and has sung with popular note-worthy women such as Kyla, Karyelle, Yasmien Kurdi, and Jennylyn Mercado.

Karen Loren Agustin official photo from Miss Universe

10) Karen Loren Agustin

A runner up and winner of the Bb. Pilipinas-Universe Contest, Karen has been the title holder and strutted her stuff in various beauty pageants as well as modeling shoots. Karen is very sexy, has incredibly natural, wavy hair, and a sweet look to her with her precious brown eyes. Definitely a looker by our books!

5 Best Places in the Philippines to Find a Wife

Finding a prospective Filipina wife can be an enjoyable experience, lots of fun, and workout nearly “perfectly” in most instances if done the correct way.

For starters, dating sites and meeting women online in general, but especially Filipinas can be a common mistake. While there are undoubtedly good people everywhere, in this case women, dating sites seem to tend to attract women looking for a “get rich quick” type of husband, are scheming, scamming, or “floating” while collecting different “sponsors” or “lovers” overseas that occasionally come to visit them or a family they make with them.

Don’t be discouraged, finding a good lover anywhere in the world is hard work, and just like anything in life comes with its pros and cons. Check out some of the following places if you’d like to up your chances of finding an honest, hard-working, and likely educated as well as bilingual Filipina girl of your dreams.

1. (Bonifacio) Global City

Bonifacio Global City C3 Block

If you’re not against a metropolitan like environment, this is a very modern place to meet new cool people and increase your chances of finding a sophisticated, intelligent, and likely educated Filipina wife. While the women here are undoubtedly more “modernized” than Filipinas in other locations throughout the country – which by the way is incredibly huge – it’s best you avoid going out into the middle of nowhere or up in the mountains to find your future Filipina wife.

Also, if you’re looking to do shopping and pick out some new clothes and other gear then these two first recommendations are primal places to do that, other than metro Manila.

Why you ask? Well, for starters, it can be dangerous. Not just because of theft, but also because of scams, and the prevalence of underage or barely legal Filipinas “courting” or specifically targeting foreigner men as a sort of “golden goose egg” for them and their families economic duress. It’s also better you meet Filipinos first, understand or get familiar with the local or most popular language (often Tagalog), and take things from there.

Creating a sort of “headquarters” so to speak, and Global City is a perfect place to do this. For those interested, Global City is within Taguig City, Metro Manila, Philippines

2. Makati

Night view of the City of Makati

Although another metropolitan environment, we’ve saved the beach-type environments and resort areas for the end. Makati, much like Global City is also found within the boundaries of Metro Manila.

This is a great place to check out local cafes, the night-scene, and the bustling other events, and language schools so that you can meet new cool people, women, and your prospective Filipina wife. Although these two places might have higher crime rates overall in comparison to the other recommended places to meet a nice Filipina women, it should be appreciated that per the increased population this is just a reality of the environment – as it would be in any other major city in the world.

While it might have some dangers it’s also much safer and foreigner friendly in comparison to farther out places, islands, or beaches for the inexperienced Philippines traveler.

Both of these first mentioned places in the Philippines in many cases have been reported by like-minded travelers to have a lot of “old fashioned” women with desirable relationship values that aren’t found in many other parts of the Philippines.

3. Cebu

crystal clear blue waters of Kawasan Falls

From it’s crystal, clear blue waters to wake-boarding, Cebu is full of adventure and just as you might have guessed is an island. Cebu has unlimited beaches and an everlasting supply of beautiful white sand and beautiful Filipina women, of all ages, up and down it’s beaches and throughout town.

While this might seem like a paradise for beach-trips and partying, it also has plenty of nice, trustworthy, and sweet Filipina women as well. As with any places in the world, but especially in the Philippines, if you’re truly seeking a wife you might want to play the odds in your favor a bit more by not visiting the bars in search of such.

While this is not to say that you can’t visit the bars and have a little fun, and although not impossible, often picking up and trying to court a girl out of one of these places comes with lots of drama, frequent lies in a lot of cases, and an otherwise unpleasant experience.

After all, with so many various islands, cities, and places to visit throughout the Philippines in both Northern and Southern (careful how South) Luzon, the possibilities are endless for finding the Filipina woman of your DREAMS!

4. Tarlac

serene river in Tarlac City

Although a more mountainous region, Tarlac has plenty to see, forests to explore, and beaches to enjoy. Also, plenty of foreigner men argue that some of the most incredibly beautiful, smart-witted women come from Tarlac, Philippines.

While one place might be better than the next for some people, this is definitely an awesome place to check-out. Although, it might not be desirable for an unconditioned traveler or someone making their first impression in the beautiful Philippines.

There are however plenty of resorts in Tarlac, and a good share of foreigners, so making new friends and getting tips on the best places to visit and check out for the most practical Filipina women is definitely always an option.

Make no mistake, although a beach or island by no means is there not a bustling nightlife in these places, so explore around, make good, trustworthy friends and take it from there!

5. lloilo City

Iloilo City in Panay Island

Last but not least, llolio city is located on Panay Island in the Philippines, and is considered a first-class, highly modernized and urbanized city – combining the city-life and island life into one awesome package!

This is definitely a really great spot for meeting new people, in particular Filipina women, from all walks of life and different personalities. As always, Filipinas and Filipinos in general are very welcoming people, so don’t be surprised if your Filipina bride-to-be wants to show you off to her friends and family. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing, just be mindful of the chemistry you have with your future Filipina wife as you would in any relationship, have fun, and be happy.

If all else fails, remember, just like the real world, start in one place like a major city, and slowly work your way around at a comfortable pace, making new friends, and in turn get recommended to a nice, trustworthy, and beautiful Filipina along the way.

Happy Travels!

Why You Should Marry a Filipina

Filipina women set themselves apart from other women found all throughout Asia with their natural beauty, love for adventure, desire to learn, travel, and make loyal companions as a wife and mother to a worthy husband.

Traveling and Learning


As big as the Philippines are, women from all across the country seem to by-birth be naturally drawn to a sense of wanderlust—seeing the world, and meeting new people.

Thanks to this awesome personality trait, along with their willingness to learn, and desire to meet new people—all combined make the perfect all-around woman who is willing to learn and even conform to a different culture for the sake of moving and being with her new, western or foreign husband.

Filipinas seem to have a natural knack for not only learning new languages (especially English, as it’s recognizably an international business language), but also furthering their education and understanding in the fields of medicine, science, and even mathematics! That’s right, not all Filipinas are after your wallet, and can compute far more complex mathematical equations than how much you’ve spent or are willing to spend on dinner or an upcoming vacation.

The Beauty of the Philippines


Given its great size, and outgoing to bubbly personality women, the Philippines is a great place to meet an amazing woman that will take you on trips and adventures to places like Subic Beach filled with white sand and palm trees, to the natural hot springs at the “local” Volcano, Mt Arayat.

The Philippines has many great natural tourist attractions, as well as natural environments which make great for scuba-diving, whale-watching, and tons of other natural, affordable, yet incredibly noteworthy and life-changing experiences in which you can bond with your new Filipina girlfriend or soon to be wife!

Attractive and Loving


Filipinas are naturally very compassionate, loving, and affection women that have great sex appeal, carry themselves well, take pride in their appearance, and are not afraid to show it off—especially at the beaches or on unusually hot days!

Many western and foreigner men love dating and marrying Filipina women because they commonly have a cute, petite look to them, yet reinforce it with a very outgoing and passionate attitude—that should not be underestimated!

By nature, Filipinas are brought up in a very family-focused environment, catering to the needs and contributing to the rearing of their younger siblings. Thanks to this, in combination with them being brought up around their moms, they quickly learn how to be great cooks, develop a habit of cleaning, and take pride in their home—all very desirable attributes for any woman that you’re considering to make your future wife or mother to your future (or current) children and family.

Great Genetics and Ratio


Between the inarguably gorgeous genetics Filipinas have, even into their older years, reinforced with the reality that the ratio of women to men here is greatly in your favor, it’s no wonder why so many western men and foreigners flock to the Philippines in search or consideration of courting and finding their future wife.

Incredibly enough, many Filipinas that are well into their 30’s and even mid 40’s still manage to have killer bodies that could easily be equated to—and in some instances even better—than a young to mid-20 year old.

This is very sexy and appealing, reflects how seriously Filipinas are to dedicating their diets to natural foods only, growing their own food, and developing healthy habits and being aware of harmful foods, chemicals, and other agents commonly found in many western (fast) food establishments and even restaurants.

To top it off, many Filipinas are commonly observed to rely on ‘holistic’ approaches when it comes to medicine—often natural remedies and techniques passed on by their mother, grandmother, and great great grandmother.

Even weighing heavier in your favor, is the reality that many Filipinas develop and mature young, end school early to work, and in turn wind up considering and even having children as young as 20. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as it’s easier to find a more mature woman, with an extremely sexy body, a more mature mind than many western women, and a willingness to serve and please her husband and future family with you.

Loyalty and Dedication


A Filipina girlfriend, let alone wife, will always happily stand by your side, and take great pride in her relationship with you—especially if you’re a westerner or foreigner. No, this doesn’t mean it’s only about the money.

In fact, given their options now, they gladly (and sometimes aggressively) seek out foreigner or western men because they are much more romantic, openly-affectionate, loving, and less likely to cheat on them in comparison to the competition—a common trouble with many Filipino men or “playboys”.

Filipina women are desirable as wives because they not only aim to please and take care of their husband, but will happily be there for you and support you when you’re overworked, feeling down, or even sick. They will never abandon you, and will keep you like a wife—in a perfect world—really should.

Given the combination of Latin origin and Filipino culture which has evolved over the past hundreds of years, dating a Filipina and marrying one is ideally in your best interest and easily outweighs the benefits of marrying a woman from any of the neighboring and most western or otherwise modernized countries for many obvious reasons!

Travel kindly, be happy.

Dating Beautiful Filipina Women For Marriage

Beautiful Filipina Women DatingFilipina dating can be something that any man can realize around the world. The biggest advantage is that the Philippines is a very developed country, and it is a country that has been conquered by quite a few foreign countries.

The Philippines was inhabited by England, Spain, and the U.S. In addition to these, the U.S. had military installations on this nation. One was a Navy base, and one was an Air Force base. So therefore, the Filipinos are very familiar with Western culture.

Filipino women are known for being some of the most beautiful in the world. They have features that are extremely exotic, and the mixture of Spanish in their Asian blood makes them have full figured features, and curves that many men will prize and cherish for Filipina brides.

Beyond being extremely beautiful and exotic, Filipinas are known for being a lot of fun and very caring. If a man man is looking to startdating a Filipina he’ll be very happy to marry a woman from this country, because she will see to it that he’s very happy, and that she does everything to make him happy, and please everyone in his life.

However, a man should note that he needs to win over the family before she will marry him. Filipino women for Filipina dating for the most part are very traditional, and are very close to their families. It will be very important for her that the family gives approval to any marriage before she can go her husband’s home country. If the man can win over the family, then he’s as good as gold, and he will have won himself the heart of a beautiful Filipina woman.

Because the Philippines has been conquered by different countries, not only do they speak their traditional language, but they speak Spanish and English as well. This makes the Filipino women very easy to talk to for Filipina dating. She can communicate with a man, and she will be familiar with a variety of cultures. Filipino women are great at home, but many of them would like to work as well.

However, they have really excellent dispositions ,and they will to handle both their household duties, and their professional duties. If a man wants to marry a beautiful Filipina wife, all he needs to do is go to a variety of websites that advertise Filipina dating for marriage.

Of course, he needs to make sure that he has all the proper paperwork, and he needs to make sure that he has money to afford the trip back and forth to the Philippines, as he probably will have to make a few trips before he can bring his new bride home. Many men have married Filipina women, and they are very glad that they did.

In Defense of Filipina Mail Order Brides

Things You Must Know About Mail Order Bride Filipina

The mail order bride Filipina is being criticized by some in the Philippine society. They somehow believe that there is inconsistency with her Filipino values and what she is up to- and that is particularly participating in mail order bride services. Known for her reserved and refined character, it simply would not jibe when she offers herself to a stranger who is from foreign countries with different cultures and values.

Though this social issue existed back in the early 80’s, Filipinos do not completely embrace this concept of finding a lifetime partner. This is a bit risky than going through an online dating wherein you still have enough time to know the guy who spends time chatting with you or even sending you emails. This can at least help the woman assess the guy and vice versa.

Although in this modern times, the process of mail order bride has evolved when internet technology has reached almost every part of the world. Unlike before, when internet was still but a dream, men do simply pay for a bride that they choose from a catalogue then sometime later when all papers are cleared in the embassy and the woman has received her visa, the bride shows up in their doorstep. This kind of procedure had gotten tons of opposition from individuals and organizations that seek women’s rights and hate human trafficking.

As being mentioned, the communication technology has a primary role in making a significant change in the mail order bride service, wherein it has adapted some reform of letting the foreign men interact and get to know of the prospect wife.

But since success stories have been growing among these Filipino women who are into the mail order service, slowly the Filipino society especially those who are very traditional has become open to this means of finding true love.

Because of the change in procedure, any foreign man now has to exert effort in getting the Filipina he thought would be perfect for him as a wife. He has to convince, court, and communicate with the lady constantly. These are the basic means for her to know you better and assess your sincerity. Filipino ladies are smart. They have good sense of intuition, so they would know if you are simply faking things.

If you have friends who happened to marry a Filipina, you can ask directly from her the tips on how to win a Filipino woman for a wife. If you do not know anyone, then perhaps you could make use of these facts below:
• She wants a man who is responsible, trustworthy and gentle.
• She also expects her man to care for her and make her feel secured.
• She needs affection, time from her man, and commitment.

If you can be that man that she needs, able to be the person she requires you to be based on those three basic facts, so by all means go find your mail order bride Filipina who is now waiting to live a blissful life with you.

View profiles of beautiful Filipina women singles looking for love and marriage, go visit this site now.

Why Filipina Dating Sites Are So Useful?

Sexy Girl From Filipina DatingFor most of us, dating is a very difficult but necessary step. If you want to find your life partner, you have to put yourself out there by meeting as many new people as possible. That means date upon date where you open yourself up to a complete stranger and hope that he or she is THE ONE.

Some of us spend a lifetime searching for our perfect partner and sometimes it just does not work out. So what do you do? Do you stop dating? No the solution is to skip the awkward first date and go on to interesting second dates where you are much more comfortable with each other. Online dating is the simplest way to do this

How to date Pinay Singles?

hot single girl from philippinesWhen you date online you are actually using a computer system which will match your characters with thousands of other Pinay Singles that are registered on the site. Most Filipino women enroll with Pinay dating sites to meet men who will care for them and want to marry them.

As a result, there are still a few dating rules that you should know which will increase your chances of finding your perfect Filipino mate.

1. Most Filipino women are still conventional. They are not into one-night stands and casual displays of affection are not very common. She will have to be comfortable with you and even like you before you can get into her bed.

However, this also means that they take their duties as girlfriend’s, wives’ and mothers quite seriously and they are quite conventional in this regard. They are excellent home keepers and a good house and well kept children are a sign of their house pride.

2. All Filipino women are well educated and have a working knowledge of English. It might not be as good as yours but they can converse quite well in English.

Education is considered valuable in the Philippines and most parents ensure that their children have a well-rounded education. Women do work as Filipino society accepts men and women working at equal positions and salaries.

3. Almost 90% of Filipinos are Roman Catholic and women are particularly devout in their religion. Children are encouraged to attend church-schools and they also attend mass on Sundays and Sunday school.

4. Family is very important to all Filipinos. No matter where they are situated, they will keep in close contact with family members in the Philippines. In fact, if you like a local woman, it may become necessary for you to meet the family and then ask their permission to marry.